Thursday, May 27, 2010

Coming to an End

This morning may have been H's last time to nurse. It's getting less and less common. I cherished every moment. I sat up in bed (as opposed to my laying-down-half-asleep position) and I held his long body that no longer fits in my cradled arms. Here lately he has only been nursing a few minutes on each side, but this morning was different. It was as if he was cherishing it too. While nursing he signed dad, so I said "dad" followed by "mom". He stopped nursing just long enough to say "mama" which brought me to tears because he very rarely says mama. I made sure to sing him the "mommy's milk is so good" little jingle I made up and have been singing him since the very beginning. I also tickled him just to see his silly I'm-trying-so-hard-not-to-laugh-while-nursing face he does that I adore so much. Ahhh...I love this kid. A lot.

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David said...

My heart smiles to know, you love him so much. You bless me more than you'll ever know by the way you love him.

Nicole said...

So sweet...sniff sniff! I am not looking forward to that day...I LOVE breastfeeding too!